The Sailsense Hub is the ultimate tracking, control and navigation aid for your boat.
It makes it smarter, more autonomous and more scalable: let it monitor itself when you’re not on board

Powerful, compact, energy efficient, the Hub centralizes all information and ensures communication with the outside world

Continuously and automatically updated with new features.

Compact, Marine and Rugged Design: Tested to operate for over 100,000 hours. More than 5 centuries of cumulative operation on all the seas of the world.

Easy to install: unpack the device, plug it into a free NMEA 2000 output in your instrument network. And pair with the app! It’s that simple.


For the


Power at the service of your boat


The ultimate home automation tracking tool. With ZigBee

Sailsense Powerail: the most advanced digital switching system in the world

The monitoring of parameters and the automation of functions relieves the skipper, providing real navigation comfort which continues at stopover and in winter with remote control and reporting.

24 power outputs to connect all the consumers in bipolar, the outputs are adjustable from 1A to 16A (minus and plus cut-off) and dimmable up to 4A. Protect by thermal disjunction and consignment by software. A tripped circuit is reset by acknowledgement.

8 analog or digital inputs for probes or contacts allowing for example the connection of tank probes and floats for the automation of the triggering of bilge pumps.

3 voltmeter inputs allowing monitoring of auxiliary, windlass, engine and service batteries.

Lights management

Automated switching on and off of lights. Ensures safety, comfort and energy saving. Based on sunrise and sunset times and boat mode.

Shock detection

Equipped with a gyroscopic sensor, the system alerts in the event of an impact. You are not present on board (rental, ready) the system will detect a gybe or too violent a tailgating and will inform you by an email including the geolocation of the sailboat. Practical in port in the event of a collision or relaxed mooring of the pontoon.


Analyzes, statistics, diagnostics, ensure permanent monitoring of equipment and maintenance actions to be undertaken. Reports and analysis tables developed specifically for your fleet allow you to understand the use of the boats. Remain proactive by proposing appropriate technological solutions.

Wireless Connection

Reduce and simplify wiring by installing wireless switches and sensors. Integration of the WiFi and ZigBee standard covering a wide range of hardware. Unlimited number of probes (intrusion, smoke, water, temperature, pressure, humidity, opening, switch, push button, etc.)

Battery monitor

Integration of communicating battery sensors for AGM batteries, ensures precise measurement of the voltage, current and temperature characteristics of the battery bank. Integration of lithium battery monitors.

Low voltage load shedding

Programmable threshold allows automatic load shedding in a conservative manner on predefined consumers. We can thus anticipate a potentially critical situation, in the event of absence.

Fog Horn

Automates the generation of fog horn signals based on the sailing mode of the sailboat. Frees up the skipper for other priority duties.

Switching off the lights

Switches off the lights during the day in order to conserve energy and to avoid overheating of the lamps left on. The operating time range and the duration before switching off can be configured.

Anchorage alarm

Adjustable from 5 to 500 meters, the alarm is reported by email, so the skipper is alerted in the event of absence on board (in the 4G coverage area).

Zone alarm

You are not present on board (rental, ready) the system will warn you of the penetration of the sailboat into an alarm zone. Define as many zones as needed. Please note that this alarm is not a navigation aid.

Presence detection

Warn in case of intrusion into the sailboat. It is possible to switch off this detection remotely in order to allow maintenance interventions. In the event of an intrusion, the alarm is optionally silent (sending an email) or dissuasive, ignition of the cockpit, flash light, siren, all configurations are possible.

Transoceanic time

Adjusts the time on board according to the longitude of the location, in order to maintain a rhythm of life where the watches take into account the time difference and are based on the sun. Add 1 hour for every 15° west longitude.

Tank level

Reading of tank sensors of different types (ohms, voltage) connected by wire or wireless (bluetooth, wifi, zigbee). The system supplies power to the sensors on a cyclical basis in order to achieve significant energy savings. Integration of high and low thresholds with alert

Leak tester

Helps preserve hulls made of conductive materials (steel, aluminum, carbon) by preventing electrical circuit insulation faults and facilitates the detection of insidious leaks by automated control indicating the faulty circuit, the value and the polarity.


Our geolocation interface allows you to track the position of the sailboat(s) and take control of the electrical system and home automation remotely as if you were on board! This function ensures serenity for the yachtsman to manage the sailboat remotely or for rental companies in monitoring the fleet (GSM subscription 10 miles from the coast or satellite full coverage of the oceans). The ultimate theft protection.

Marine weather station

Precision marine weather station (± 0.2hPa) with trend indicator. Pressure reduced to sea level with offset adjustment. Graphic curve of pressures with history over 72 hours and zoom function (reading point every 10 minutes) allowing an analysis of the situation. Indoor and/or outdoor temperature and humidity with alarm report on adjustable thresholds.

Strong wind alarm

Forecast of the arrival of a depression or an anticyclonic ridge, triggered when the pressure drops or increases (Adjustable from 0 to 3 hPa, over a period of 1 to 3 hours).

Control of accessories

The control and control of chargers, generators, watermakers from our partners Dolphin, Cristec, Victron, Aqua-base, Schenker, HP, Fischer panda, Vêtus, Nanni, …

Sailsense Pod: a compact box to monitor secondary systems, wirelessly


Expand your installation to infinity, thanks to Zigbee modules

Using a mesh network, the ZigBee protocol offers great range and excellent stability. The number of connected modules can be unlimited. ZigBee consumes little power allowing the use of smaller batteries, which last longer, helping to preserve the environment. ZigBee offers high data security, both during the initial pairing of devices and during use. In addition, the gateway is natively integrated into the HUB to maximize security.

ZigBee integrated into the Sailsense solution allows for easier and faster pairing and configuration of modules. In addition, the various integrated loan modules give you access to your data in real time.

The ZigBee protocol is more efficient, safer, simpler and more economical!

Many modules are available on request: temperature, pressure, humidity, presence, water, smoke, gas, …