As experienced sailors, we believe that new technologies help nautical players meet the ever-changing expectations of consumers. Sailors want faster, easier and more enjoyable boating experiences without the hassles of owning a boat. To achieve this freedom, boats must become intelligent, integrating them into a connected ecosystem that brings value to all parties involved. From sailors and fleet managers to manufacturers, insurance and leasing companies.

As smart boats are easier and safer to use, they become accessible to a wider audience. They also open up new service propositions and allow you to optimize business processes, as you are now able to monitor vital navigation parameters, maintenance needs, and more. Sailsense Analytics supports all industry players in their evolution towards connected navigation. From transforming existing boat fleets into smart boats to designing value-added services.




Our solution is simple, proven and allows you to turn any boat into the “boats of the future” – offering lighter maintenance, increased safety and better use of your time.


We combine a deep understanding of the implications of boat maintenance around the world with strong expertise in big data, machine learning and wider information technology.

The passion in the soul

Sailsense Analytics was created by two sailing enthusiasts who have completed multiple long distance trips and thousands of miles at sea.


We believe that technology can help improve the way boat are used, and limit their impact on the environment. Thanks to our advanced recommandations, we can help boat owner reduce their energy consumption, enhancing the onboard battery lifecycle.

A robust solution designed by and for boating

Sailsense is above all a team of enthusiasts.
We sail dozens of days each year ourselves. Because we have it in our blood!

Solutions for sailors, not engineers:
We bring you easy-to-implement solutions, designed to make your daily life easier!

We offer the most advanced tools:
Such as predictive maintenance, proactive navigational recommendations, or remote configuration of boat systems. Our technology is designed to evolve via remote updates, and offer you an ever richer experience

Innovation, at the heart of our business

At Sailsense, we don’t just offer the most complete and advanced ecosystem on the market. We are constantly investing in its development. We work with several universities in France and Belgium on long-term programs aimed at making pleasure boats autonomous.