Do you have a rental base? Would you like a unique solution to operate your boat club? Our solution is made for you!

the simplest and most complete tools to manage your business processes

Save up to 40 minutes per rental thanks to digital check-in

Predictive maintenance: optimized working time for your teams


Predictive maintenance, for a fleet that is always ready to go, and optimized working time for your teams

Be alerted even before a breakdown occurs!

View all your maintenance tasks in one place Allow your customers to simply report problems to you, directly via their mobile app.

Prioritize future tasks and assign them to your team.

Reduce boat downtime

The ultimate customer experience: navigation advice and simplified interaction with the base

Give your charter guests new ways to interact with you and let them take care of your boats during their journey.

Provide real-time advice to your charter guests. Let them solve minor problems before they become major situations.

Give them access to exclusive content like explanatory videos, standard procedures and many more. Help them quickly find solutions to their problems

Monitor your fleet anywhere in the world

Thanks to our optional Hub, record all the itineraries of your boats, and receive automatic notifications in the event of abnormal use of your boat. Prevent battery discharge, engine misuse, groundings, dangerous zones, …

A powerful and intuitive tool


Our “Dashboard” view gives you an overview of the maintenance actions to be taken on all your boats, as well as the history of your fleet’s events. Prioritize actions and anticipate problems. Manage your time better.


Much more than a logbook. Always up to date, shareable (via social networks, PDF, email, …), “Boat Log” is equipped with our powerful “replay” tool. You can follow all the data displayed by the instruments of the boat (total engine hours, consumption, list of alerts), with lifetime data storage.


“Fleet” allows you to view the status of all your boats instantly in table form. Filter boats by status (in navigation, in port, on land), by incident or by weather risk. Export reports to PDF in one click.


List all maintenance tasks for your fleet. Receive tasks automatically according to predefined intervals (related to navigation time, time spent in the engine,…). Receive tasks directly from your tenants.


Our powerful analysis tool allows you to quickly and intuitively combine large amounts of data, in order to extract aggregated information about your fleet. Easily create detailed and customizable reports that meet your exact needs.


Configure customizable alerts (geofencing, technical alerts, maintenance alerts, etc.) and choose who, when and how to notify people.


Configure your boats: add components, configure your Powerailoutputs, add Zigbeecomponents… All of this remotely. No more configurations in boats using USB sticks and complex software.


Stefan Roslund
General Manager at Agapi Boat Club Mallorca

“I use Sailsense on a daily basis to monitor my fleet and anticipate problems. It also proves our professionalism towards our members, our boat owners and our insurer.”

Aitor Gómez
Base Manager Porto Colom Yachting

“The digital check-in allows us to save up to 30 minutes per inventory and allows our customers to familiarize themselves with the boat before their charter”

Joris Corbin
Alubat Design Office Manager

“Sailsense allows us to improve our after-sales service by establishing remote diagnostics. The solution also allows us to rationalize the electrical wiring of the boat and saves considerable time during installation thanks to their Plug-& Play module and remote configuration.”

Our modular subscriptions allow you to design
exactly the offer that suits your needs

Boat Monitoring

Subscriptions allowing communication between the boat and the Internet


    Subscriptions offering you various maintenance tools, such as the task manager

      Fleet Monitoring

      Subscriptions giving you centralized ``fleet`` views