The most advanced
boat monitoring solution

It's not about tracking.

It's about intelligent boating.  

As experienced sailors, we believe that new technologies can help people in the boating industry meet the changing demands and expectations of consumers. Yachting is evolving towards a service model: nowadays, sailors want more enjoyment, more quickly, without bothering with the constraints of boat ownership.


In a time where all businesses are shifting towards service and "uberization", we can help you bring your customers greater value. Whether you are a fleet manager, insurer, builder or leaser, ‘yachting 2.0’ demands the integration of the boat with a connected ecosystem.

Intelligent boats not only make navigation safer, but also easier and more accessible to all. More importantly, their integration into a wider ecosystem (preventive maintenance, concierge services, monitoring of the vital parameters, ...) gives you the opportunity to easily and quickly test new service offerings for your customers.


Covering the entire value chain - from the transformation of your existing fleet into smart boats, to the design of value-added services - Sailsense Analytics supports you in your evolution.

Our key benefits

Keep down maintenance costs

Preventive maintenance is generally expensive. But by detecting wear patterns and monitoring the actual use of the boat’s technical components (engine, batteries, generator, ...), our solution intelligently identifies and warns you of any maintenance needs.

I t has never been easier to sail!

Sailsense gives you a renewed peace of mind when It comes to sailing. Get smart advice right on your phone during your navigation. Keep a close contact between the boat user, and the boat manager.

An up-to-date logbook is always available

Keeping a logbook is a legal requirement. Thanks to Sailsense, it’s generated automatically and in real time. You’ll have an accurate overview of your boat data, which can be shared with your customers, so they can keep track of their best moments!

An advanced ecosystem

Connecting the boat, the fleet manager and the boat user, our fully integrated ecosystem will give you the tools to create more value for your customers

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The future is now.

Discover what we can do for you.

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Boat Rental

Boat rental has never been more successful. But how can you keep pace with customers asking for a more complete "boat as a service" solution?

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Boat Builder

Sailors own fewer boats than before, preferring the convenience of renting or sharing. How can you deal with the increased risk it represents for your business?

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Today, people want the ability to control their belongings or services at their fingertips: car, home, travels...

How can your production boats fit into this new pattern?

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Boat Owner

It is often said that boats have a soul. Today, technology makes it possible to equip yours with a real brain. Scalable and adaptive, the Sailsense System detects any abnormal behavior onboard and warns you in real time, wherever you are