Make your boats easier and safer to sail.

Why Sailsense Analytics?

Essential insights for your business

Know what’s happening on board

Receive real-time notifications for greater peace of mind.
Anticipate problems.

Decrease incidents

Prevent inappropriate behaviours from people on board, with automated advice through our Mobile App.

Make your boats more profitable

Manage your maintenance more efficiently. More sailing time, less damages, higher resale value.

Improved service for your customers

Safer navigation

Proactive advice for people on board through our Mobile App, for better handling of the boat.

More convenience

Smooth digital check-in & check-out process for a convenient trip.

More enjoyment

Let your customers log and share great memories of their trip with our Mobile App.

Meet our Boat Monitoring Ecosystem.


Fleet Management Dashboard

Manage your fleet, rental processes and maintenance tasks within one management tool.


Mobile App

Proactive advice and smart insights for people on board. Offers an easier and safer sailing experience.


Dedicated Hardware

Simple, reliable and easy to install. Compatible with most electronic equipment on board. 

  Discover what we can do for you.

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Boat Rental

Boat rental has never been more successful. But how can you keep pace with customers asking for a more complete "boat as a service" solution?

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Boat Builder

Sailors own fewer boats than before, preferring the convenience of renting or sharing. How can you deal with the increased risk it represents for your business?

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Today, people want the ability to control their belongings or services at their fingertips: car, home, travels...

How can your production boats fit into this new pattern?

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Boat Owner

Scalable and adaptive, the Sailsense boat monitoring system detects any abnormal behavior onboard and warns you in real time, wherever you are.

Know how your boats are used


How can smart boat monitoring help your business?

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