The POD allows you to extend the interfacing capabilities of your HUB. Gather more insights from your engines, electrical system, generator, lamps, ventilation, heating & AC, instruments and many more !

The POD is delivered with a cabling kit that enables to connect to 1 CAN-bus network (engine, genset, NMEA2000 ...), to 2 battery banks and to 3 analog sources.

Upon order, our technical team will contact you to validate the necessary cabling kit for your use case.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the POD requires a HUB to operate.

Sailsense POD

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 130x43x100mm

  • Power supply rating (x2): 12-28 VDC

  • Power drain (standby / in use): < 0,2W / 2,0W

  • Motion and attitude sensor: embedded

  • CAN input: 1

  • Battery banks measurings: 2

  • Analog input 0-36V measurings: 3

  • Wireless communication to the HUB

  • Designed and assembled in Europe