The HUB is your starting point in gaining essential insights from your boat.

It allows you to monitor the gps position of your boat, its speed, shocks on its hull, the voltage of 2 battery banks, all instruments or systems connected to the NMEA2000 network (e.g. navigation instruments, engine, energy management systems, genset, ...) as well as 3 analog data sources (e.g. fuel or water gauges, temperature sensor, on/off status sensor, intrusion sensor, ...).

The HUB is delivered with a cabling kit containing a GPS antenna and a termination for standard NMEA2000 network.


Lifetime BASIC Plan included

1 Year PREMIUM Plan included

Sailsense HUB (incl. 1 Year PREMIUM Plan)

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 150x43x130mm

  • Power supply rating (x2): 12-28 VDC

  • Power drain (standby / in use): < 0,4W / 4,3W

  • SIM card: embedded

  • GPS, motion and attitude sensor: embedded

  • CAN input: 1

  • Battery banks measurings: 2

  • Analog input 0-36V measurings: 3

  • Wireless communication to the POD

  • Designed and assembled in Europe