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Updates and new features - September 2019

Receive alerts by email and SMS

It was already possible to receive alerts through your Web Dashboard and Mobile app. Now you can also choose to get notifications by email and SMS!

Here's how:

  • Login to your account:

  • When logged in, click your name on the top right, then choose Settings

  • At the menu on the left, choose Alert Center

  • Choose the alert you want to get email or SMS notifications from. Click on edit. Or create a new alert.

  • Go to step 4: Notifications

  • Enter the email address or phone number for your notifications.

  • Set the limit of alerts per day you'd like to receive per e-mail or SMS.

  • Check the final option if you wish to share alert with the people on board. They will then receive it through the app (so not by SMS or email!)

And you're done! You'll now receive notifications by email and/or SMS!

Setting alerts: role changes

As of today, only account owners will be able to set alerts within the Web Dashboard. This helps you avoid duplicate alerts. Each alert set-up by the account owner will now be shared automatically with your team members. 

Important: All alerts that have been previously set-up by different team members will be merged into your main account. From there, you can clean up possible duplicate alerts and start fresh!

How to remove duplicate alerts:

  • Login to your account:

  • When logged in, click your name on the top right, then choose settings

  • At the menu on the left, choose Alert Center

  • You alerts will appear. Duplicates will be clustered!

  • Open the alert you wish to delete

  • Choose remove alert.

Now you can start with a clean sheet!

Mobile app: Battery performance insights

With the new release of the mobile app you get a battery graph with more detailed insights on your battery’s performance and usage pattern in the previous seven days.

How to view your battery graph:

  • Open your mobile app.

  • Go to the Boat tab.

  • Tap Battery.

Voila: your battery graph! 

Note: These steps are only available when your mobile app is connected to a smart boat. Not connected yet? Then go to boat, choose connect to a boat and finally scan the QR-code on your Sailsense Analytics hardware. This should do the trick!

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