Make things easier for your yacht charter customers

Updated: 3 days ago

Make things easy for your yacht charter customers! You can improve the user experience for you and your customers by adding boat documents such as maintenance manual. Check out new features and let us know what you think about them!

Give your tenants access to important documents in the Sailsense Mobile App

From now on, you can add helpful boat related documents in the Fleet Management Dashboard. Make the boat insurance certificate, technical manuals, recommended itineraries or even touristic information available for sailors in the Sailsense Mobile App. Let your customers access all the information easily and at the time that’s most convenient for them.

To find the tutorial on adding documents, click here.

Creating tasks for your team directly from rental reports

Keep your boats’ maintenance on track. Create tasks based on check-in and check-out results directly from the rental reports and get the boat ready for the next trip without any delay and profit loss.

To find the tutorial on creating tasks from the rental report, click here.

Did you know? For any how-to related questions, you can always check our Knowledge Base, where we provide many different tutorials and instructions on how to configure and use the Fleet Management Dashboard and the Sailsense Mobile App. There you can also find answers regarding our hardware.

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