Looking for a digital check-in app?

Updated: 3 days ago

Look no further!

By popular demand, our Web Dashboard is now responsive and ready to use on your mobile phone or tablet!

Just open in your mobile browser, log in and experience the magic! From now on it will be even easier to manage and monitor your boats.

Create a mobile shortcut for your Dashboard

We are working hard on developing a mobile app for our Web Dashboard. In the meantime, you can create a shortcut on the home screen of your phone for quick access! Here's how:

  • In Chrome, tap the 3 dots on the top right to open the menu

  • Chose 'Add to Home screen'

  • Tap 'Add'

  • Chose 'Add automatically'

  • Done! Your shortcut has now been added to your homescreen.

Digitise your check-in procedure

Did you know you can digitise your check-in and check-out procedure? Inside the Web Dashboard, you can add check-lists and assign them to any of your boats. When your clients have our Mobile App installed, they can simply check-off the items on your checklist with their mobile device.

How to add a checklist:

  • Login to your account:

  • When logged in, click your name on the top right, then chose settings

  • At the menu on the left, choose checklists

  • To create a new checklist, click 'Add checklist'

  • Here you can name your checklist, chose your workflow and you can start adding items to your list. Don't forget to assign it to one of your boats!

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