Better dashboards for fleet managers

Updated: 3 days ago

Preventive maintenance via Task Scheduler, enhanced Task View, and better Support availability – we take your feedback into consideration every time we work on the updates. Check out our new updates and features created with your help.

For fleet managers

Enhanced Tasks view for better work efficiency. Based on your feedback, we remodeled the Tasks view. Have a better grip on all the work planned on your fleet and increase efficiency. Prioritize maintenance activities and repairs, follow-up open tasks, know who is working on what, and keep track of all the actions made on each boat. 

Use task scheduler for preventive maintenance – automatically create future tasks, triggered by boat usage. Have peace of mind by creating recurring maintenance tasks generated according to the usage time, engine hours, or traveled distance. 

For example, set-up a trigger for engine maintenance checks every 250 engine hours, rigging checks every 1500 nautical miles or insurance contract renewals every year and task scheduler will automatically create tasks for your team when the time comes.

Support availability

From now on, you can reach our Support team faster and with more convenience via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Reach out to us directly from your mobile phone and we will respond to your message promptly.

Did you know?

You can customize your notification preferences. SMS or email notifications can be set-up in the Fleet Management Dashboard to inform you when a task or issue is assigned to you or when check-in or check-out has been done by one of your customers. For a tutorial, click here.

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