The story behind Sailsense Analytics

Nicolas De Laet and Yannick Vereerstraeten founded Sailsense Analytics in 2017. 

Their goal? To make boating more accessible with the help of technology.

Crossing the Atlantic

Nicolas and Yannick have been brainstorming about boating business models for quite a while before starting Sailsense Analytics. Only when crossing the Atlantic in 2016, their idea became to grow more solid. De Laet: ‘’I already quit my job before we left, Yannick did the same after we got back from the Caribbean.’’

Passionate about sailing

Both entrepreneurs have been passionate about boating since a young age. Nicolas: ‘’While growing up, my parents always took me for trips at sea during most of our holidays. They taught me all I need to know to safely navigate the oceans.’’ How about Yannick? ’’I started a bit later than Nicolas, but I immediately fell in love with it. To us, boating is the most beautiful way to discover new places.’’

Making boating more accessible

The founders of Sailsense Analytics have a fresh look on the traditional practice of boating. ‘’We often experience navigation as something very complex, technical and even dangerous. It feels like Alpinism sometimes, where you need specific tools and training before you can start. As we noticed that most sailors share this view, we started looking for ways to make boating more accessible.’’

Intelligent boating

Soon, the Brussels based entrepreneurs found out that technology should be the main part

of their solution. ‘’Boats are actually generating lots of data, which we are now able to track with our hardware. Based on data like GPS location, fuel and battery levels and depth, our technology can proactively inform sailors and rental companies about possible issues. For instance, both will be alerted when the boat is heading for shallow waters. This makes it much easier to navigate and avoid problems at sea. Plus, it saves the rental company the large costs of a repair.’’


Sailsense’s technology has more advantages: ‘’Our hardware and apps aim at preventing accidents and notifies you about any possible damage. This makes it much easier to keep track of your boat’s condition. We are big fans of the circular economy, and this is great news for owners who’d like to share their boat with other sailors. This way, boating will get more accessible for even more people!’’

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