Why Pure Latitude Boat Club chose Sailsense Analytics

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As the society is rapidly moving towards digitization, digital processes are becoming more and more relevant. Digitization has even accelerated over the past couple of months driven by the current Covid19 crisis. And this is no exception for the charter industry where internal processes like check-in & check-out had to be adapted during the last couple of months. The boating industry will have to look for new ways to improve its efficiency & respond to this ever-changing environment.

It is useful to know in advance

Having a smart boat monitoring solution helps you to organize & save time to dedicate it to what really matters in your operations. One of Sailsense Analytics customer, the founder of Pure Latitude Boat Club, Martin Gray says: “During the COVID crisis we are doing a lot more sanitizing of the boat than we did before the COVID. So, it is very useful to know when the boat is nearby so our cleaners can anticipate the return, because the boats come back on different time, depending on what is the weather is like. Without Sailsense we would not know that a boat is coming back before it actually reaches the harbor. Now we can see where they are and therefore, we are able to anticipate when they are likely to be in, so we can plan our cleaning regime, by an hour or two ahead. On top of this, one of the most valuable information is being able to know when a boat has entered a dangerous zone or forbidden area, to make sure our boats are handled with care.”

A comprehensive solution with a sophisticated mapping

After being asked why Martin Gray chose Sailsense product, he explained: “It seemed very comprehensive, we looked in one or two other things and then over actually a long time we got to the point where we took a couple of units to try it out, and there was no other solution in the market that had such a comprehensive tracking capability. We learned a lot during the trial and decided to install it in all our boats.”

As something he personally enjoys, Pure Latitude Boat Club explains: “I think one of the big things is cartography, the ability to see on a chart. Other systems use less sophisticated mapping, so the fact that we can see on a proper marine chart where our boat is, I think it is a significant difference compared to others”.

To sum up, Martin Gray, founder of Pure Latitude Boat Club, said that a smart boat monitoring solution is a product of the right time: “More and more with increasing regulation, demand of safety, I think this kind of capabilities which were not existing even three years ago, will become the norm on all boats - on commercial and private boats.”

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