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Incidents happen on your boats every day without you being aware. How to decrease their cost ?

Have you ever wondered what is happening to your boats when they leave your base?

How long does the battery run low every week? How often is an alarm triggered on the engine? Or how many times do the crew put your boat in danger by performing risky manoeuvres or by sailing in dangerous zones?

Find out more about the most frequent incidents in Sailsense Analytics’ 2020 Charter Boats Incident Report.

Sailsense 2020 Charter Boats Incidents Report

Now, think about what the above figures mean for your business.

Yes: several thousands of euros of repair costs each year! And that’s not even counting any potential revenue loss you might face whilst the boat is not available for charter.

What can Sailsense do about it?

Sailsense can provide you with the tools to act on these incidents as soon as they occur and prevent minor problems from becoming costly issues. And hence, reduce their impact on your operations.

How? By equipping your boats with a Sailsense HUB. The Sailsense HUB will monitor your boats’ equipments in real time and will notify the people on board about important events (such as high-engine RPM alerts, grounding alerts, low battery alerts & many more) directly on their smartphones. It will also provide simple instructions on how to solve the problem.

"By notifying boat users on their smartphones about low battery alerts, we have seen the duration of battery incidents reduced by 40% on average" Yannick Vereerstraeten, COO of Sailsense

In addition, your technical teams will be able to monitor your fleet remotely and take the right measures in case something happens. They will be able to diagnose problems remotely and advise your customers on the resolution of simple failures without needing to send a technician in every case.

And in the unlikely event you need to submit an insurance claim, you can find all the boat historical data in our platform !

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