Boat Insurance & Leasing

With our smart boating solutions you can improve your service while reducing your Loss Ratio. Very relevant now leisure boating is evolving towards a boat as a service model, with less experienced sailors at the helm.

Reduce your loss ratio

In an increasingly complex nautical world (boat sharing, online platforms, boat clubs, etc.), take control of your Loss Ratio, thanks to better knowledge of your fleet usage through our powerful analytics tools. You can also offer new services to your customers, such as day insurance and peer-to-peer rentals.

Improve user behavior

Encourage and enable better behavior from the sailors actually using the boats, even when there is a third party involved (clubs, rentals, P2P, etc.)

Warnings of dangerous weather

Get notified when a severe weather event may affect boats in your fleet, thanks to the continuous geolocation of the boats under surveillance, automatically crossed with the GRIB weather files of the navigation zones in which these boats operate. We will warn you of any serious or imminent risk.

Helpful tips and advice

Give your customers useful safety tips and advice. Also, provide access to your authorized service network.

Monitor your boats anytime, anywhere...
With our web dashboards for you and your team

Easy to retrofit hardware

The Sailsense hardware allows easy and scalable boat monitoring and controlling. Marine-environment proof, it is also constantly and automatically updated from our servers, bringing you the latest functions and features.