Mobile App for Sailors

Proactive advice and smart insights for people on board. Offers an easier and safer sailing experience.  

An easier and safer sailing experience.

Proactive sailing advice

Get alerts on board about changing weather conditions, anchor drift, dangerous zones, engine temperature & many more.

Digital check-in

Speed up check-in & check-out with our Mobile App. Access all important instructions & manuals at all times on your phone. No more paperwork!

Log & share adventures

Your customers are your best ambassadors. Let them log adventures and share sailing experiences on social media.

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How does the Sailsense App help me avoid issues while sailing?

With our app installed, you receive proactive advice based on your real-time location. For example, you will get an alert when  heading for shallow waters, to avoid risks of grounding.

You will also get notified when the weather is going to change, so you can alter your route if needed. And when your battery or fuel levels are about to get on the low side, the app will inform you, so you can take proper action in time.

All Sailsense Mobile App features


Receive proactive advice

Get proactive advice about changing weather conditions, possible grounding risks and your fuel and battery levels. 

Track your boat's condition

Check the status of your battery, fuel, water and waste tank in a flash of an eye.

Report an issue

Inform your rental company about any issue, like damage or missing contents, simply by reporting this inside the app.

Check-in & check-out

Smoothen the start of your sailing trips by checking in trough our app. Simply check off all the items on the checklist via your mobile!

Log your trip

Track your experiences, discoveries, or set a reminder to perform a boat inspection in your own captain’s log.

Share your route

Share your sailing route and impress your friends and family in just a few taps. 

Sail smarter. Download our app.

 Proactive advice during your trip, digital check-in and real-time boat statistics.

Meet our Boat Monitoring Ecosystem

We connect your boat, the manager and the sailor in an integrated way.

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Fleet Management Dashboard

Manage your fleet, rental processes and maintenance tasks within one management tool. Anytime, anywhere.

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Plug & Play Hardware

Simple, reliable and easy to install. Compatible with most electronic equipment on board.

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Mobile app

Proactive advice and smart insights for people on board. Offers an easier and safer sailing experience.