About us

At Sailsense Analytics, we are dedicated to developing and providing the easiest and safest navigation experience for all sailors, using technology to strengthen the incredible sensation of being at sea. 


Notre solution est simple, éprouvée et permet à votre entreprise de transformer toute flotte, nouvelle ou existante, en « bateaux du futur » - en offrant une maintenance plus légère, une sécurité accrue et une meilleure utilisation du temps de vos employés.

Passion at heart

Sailsense Analytics is created by Nicolas De Laet and Yannick Vereerstraeten, two sailing enthusiasts who have completed several long-distance voyages and thousands of miles at sea.  


Notre équipe allie une compréhension profonde des implications de la maintenance des bateaux dans le monde à une solide expertise en matière de Big Data, de Machine Learning et des technologies de l'information au sens le plus large. 

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Founding Sailsense Analytics

‘’Sailing is so complex that it feels like alpinism sometimes. As we noticed that most sailors shared this view, we started looking for ways to make boating more accessible.’’

Sailsense Analytics co-founders Nicolas De Laet and Yannick Vereerstraeten about making boating more accessible.

The future of Navigation

As experienced sailors, we believe that new technologies help nautical players meet the ever-changing expectations of consumers.

Sailors want quicker, easier and more enjoyable sailing experiences, without the constraints of boat ownership. To achieve this freedom, boats need to become smart, by integrating them into a connected ecosystem that delivers value to all parties involved. From sailors and fleet managers to manufacturers, insurances and leasing companies.

As smart boats are easier and safer to use, they become accessible to bigger audiences. They also open up new service propositions and allow you to optimise business processes, as you are now able to monitor vital navigation parameters, maintenance needs and more.

Sailsense Analytics supports everyone in the industry in their evolution towards connected boating. From the transformation of existing fleets of boats into smart boats to the design of value-added services.

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