Boat rental and fleet management

Don’t waste time inspecting each boat after an outing: our confidence indicators show you which boats to focus your attention on.

Get immediate access to all information you need for billing (consumption, engine hours, ...) without physically checking the boat.

Simpler administration

Give your customers a simple way to complete administrative tasks and learn how the boat should be used, even after leaving the marina. Allow them to plan their trips, getting instant access to weather, tides, and safety checklists.

Monitor maintenance needs

Detect technical issues like abnormal rises in your engine temperature. By detecting wear patterns and monitoring the actual use of the boat’s technical components (engine, batteries, generator, etc.), our solution intelligently identifies and warns you of any maintenance

Detect bad behavior

Do you know how your boats are used once they leave the harbor? Understand and detect bad tenant behaviors such as beaching, violent gybe, lack of battery charge, etc. 

Stay safe and avoid risks

Set up alerts on weather, geofencing, high engine RPM, and encourage your tenants to use your boats more safely. Stay in touch with them, inform them automatically of any imminent risk and be immediately notified of any issues.

Monitor your boats anytime, anywhere...
With our web dashboards for you and your team 

Easy to retrofit hardware

The Sailsense hardware allows easy and scalable boat monitoring and controlling. Marine-environment proof, it is also constantly and automatically updated from our servers, bringing you the latest functions and features.