Individual boat owners

Sailing gets easier and safer with Sailsense Analytics. Gain all essential information on your boat and route, in real time, as well as smart alerts and proactive navigation advice.

Now, everyone can enjoy sailing with confidence!

Improve your safety at sea

Set and receive proactive advice about changing weather conditions, possible grounding risks and your fuel and battery levels. Our solution can detect any abnormal behavior onboard and warns you in real time.

Keep maintenance costs down

A broken impeller, an overheated fridge compressor, empty batteries… detect problems and take action before they stop you or your renters from starting the sailing trip. Sailsense Analytics informs and warns you of the need for maintenance. Be proactive and avoid costly damage.

Make your boat profitable

Owning a boat is an immense pleasure, but it also has a cost. Leasing your boat is a great opportunity too, but how do you know if it’s used with care?

The Sailsense Analytics app alerts you in real time about engines, location, weather conditions, shocks, grounding, jibes and more.

Protect the resale value of your boat

Our solution allows clear and integrated monitoring of the use of the boat. No worries when it comes to resale: both the old and new owners will be reassured by the detailed certificate containing the logbook and maintenance data. With the Sailsense data, you increase the value of your boat.

Monitor your boats anytime, anywhere...

Easy to retrofit hardware

It is often said that boats have a soul. Now it is possible to equip your boat with a brain. The Sailsense hardware allows easy and scalable boat monitoring and controlling.