Boat Builders and Maintenance Yards

Discover our innovative solutions, from e-maintenance and sailing advice to remote boat monitoring and control for your boat owners.

Make it easy for customers

Give your customers an easy app to monitor their boats, anywhere, even when they are not on board, and sail more safely. E-maintenance and boat sharing are now just a tap away!

Offer enhanced service s

Develop new services, from e-maintenance to boat surveillance. Our algorithms can automatically detect technical failures before they occur, by continuous analysis of the data generated by the boats, providing state-of the-art delivery support and after-sales services.

Keep a clear track record

Our solution allows clear and integrated monitoring of the maintenance and use of the boat. No worries when it comes to resale: both the old and new owners will be reassured by the detailed certificate containing the logbook.

Useful insights through data

Better understand how your boats are being used thanks to our latest analytics tools. Collected data, coupled with our powerful analysis tool “Analytics”, allows you to better understand your customers, and how your boats are really used on a daily basis.

Monitor your boats anytime, anywhere...
With our web dashboards for your you and your team 

Easy to retrofit hardware

The Sailsense hardware allows easy and scalable boat monitoring and controlling. Marine-environment proof, it is also constantly and automatically updated from our servers, bringing you the latest functions and features.