It's not only tracking, it's intelligent boating.

Make your boats easier and safer to sail.

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When renting you want to keep track of your fleet and ensure it is being used properly.


Sailsense has a solution to help you.

immediate access to all the information of the boat (consumption, engine hours, ...)

Simpler administration and invoicing without physically checking the boat!

Recognize bad behaviors such as beaching, violent gybe.

It's not only tracking,
it's intelligent boating.

·       Real time and detailed tracking of your fleet 

·       Real time status of all your technical instruments on board.

·       Alerting immediately on weather or geofencing to avoid dangerous situations.

·       Our solution integrates monitoring of the logbook and maintenance data

·       An app for the skipper to improve his sailing experience and make the trip safer.

·       Saves time and money.

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